Editorial // Dutch Grazia

I was reading the Dutch Grazia, when I saw this editiorial I liked and I wanted to share it with you.
I love the way the outfits are combined, seeing already a couple of things I would like to have, like the necklace with the big stars, for example.

And the balloon skirt on the second picture is design by Krizia. No, it's not designed by me! I was named after an Italian fashion designer. You see Krizia-perfumes and clothes in Italy most of the time, or at least I did, so I was kind of surprised when I saw this skirt in a Dutch magazine! I must admit that I'm not a big fan of the ankle boots in the last picture, though...


  1. Die tweede outfit is gewoon super!

  2. Great editorial! I love the first dress (amazing) and as you said the necklace with the big stars!! WOW :) thanks for visiting my blog!


  3. Thanks, lovely =)

    The pictures of my blog are from fansites about celebrities like http://www.nicolerichie.org/ http://www.olsensobsessive.net/ others I find them on the internet casually.

    Hope that helps!


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