Fashion News // Lady Gaga Writes On Her Birkin Bag - Part 2

If fashion lovers were mad that Lady Gaga wrote a small message on her white Birkin-bag, they'll probably go ballistic now! In a previous post, you can see that Lady Gaga had a message for her Japanese fans when she arrived in Tokyo. A lot of girls weren't happy that she wrote that message on her Birkin-bag, due to the long waiting list and price tag of the bag.

My sister shared a link on my Facebook-wall, showing pictures of Terence Koh - who is a Canadian artist with Chinese roots - writing all over Gaga's Birkin-bag. Maybe it's just me, but I actually like the way Gaga's Birkin looks. It has something special - not that I would ever write on my Birkin-bag, should I ever own one.


Another picture I wanted to share with you was taken yesterday. It was so warm outside, you could wear a simple T-shirt without being cold - a thing that didn't happen for a long time here in Belgium. Unfortunately, I had to work, so I didn't have to time to enjoy the warm weather, since today the weather isn't that good.

My brother-in-law and my sister both received some Easter eggs and my brother-in-law was smart enough to leave his in his car yesterday. I bet you can imagine what happened. We decided to snap a 'before and after'-picture. =)


  1. wel lady gaga heeft nu wel een super originele tas ;) x

  2. lady gaga weet je altijd weer te verassen!

  3. Birkin bag is THE BAG and write on it is a sacrilege!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Ik vind het toch een beetje overdreven dat ze haar hele tas volschrijft...

  5. Wow Birkin is my dream...in THE bag...

  6. amazing



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