Beauty // Chanel Le Vernis 'Pop Up' Collection

Actually, my sister gets all the credit for this one! We were so in love with the Chanel Le Vernis nailpolish (The Pop Up Collection), that she decided to pre-order two gorgeous colours, which she picked up today. She did all the effort to get her hands on them - since they're available in selected stores only - so I would like to say: Thank you, sis'! Love you!

And now for the dilemma. Every 3 weeks, I get a manicure, since I have an obsession with my nails. When I do them myself, I really don't like the way they come out, so I go to a friend of mine who makes them look pretty for me. :)

For the moment, my nails are bubblegum pink, so I wanted to paint my nails with the greenish / blue color. But I also really like the fuschia like color. I really can't decide! What would you do???

P.S. You should really check out the haute couture-post my sister posted on her blog. I'm so jealous I wasn't there! She discovered the haute couture exhibit by accident, while she was on a weekend with her boyfriend... Amazing pictures!


  1. Ik vind de Fuchsia wel super voor de zomer!

  2. Ah.. ik heb het blauwe kleurtje ook! Zeer zomers. Had het aan op één van mijn laatste My Outfit posts.



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