Fashion News // Stella McCartney & Alice In Wonderland

Seems like Tim Burtons upcoming movie on 'Alice In Wonderland' is even causing Alice-mania among our beloved designers.

Stella McCartney designed some jewelry based on Lewis Carroll's most famous story, of which you can have a first peek at a bracelet and necklace decorated with charms on the picture above. The necklace ($ 495) and the bracelet ($ 395) will be available next month at Stella McCartney stores all over the world. 

They're cute, but I would not spend my money on them.
I'd rather save up some more and buy myself these gorgeous wedges she designed Mary Kate Olsen is wearing on the cover of Elle magazine. If they're still available, though... I love them! I found some similar Marni-wedges, but these McCartney's are still on top of my list.


  1. Schattig, maar idd niet direct waar je uw geld aan gaat uitgeven. Ik wil die schoenen ook hebben, maar ik vraag me echt af of je uw benen er nie op breekt...

  2. Alice in wonderland+stella = magnificence


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