Shark Attack Loves... // Chanel N°5 Perfume Bottle Bag

ChanelPerfumeBottleClutch Photo: Tumblr

Charlotte Olympia  and Lanvin started it during their S/S '13 collection, plus Lanvin having an extra special occasion with the 85th celebration of their Arpège perfume. Then Chanel presented us with its Resort '14 collection and they continued with it: transforming their iconic perfume bottles into evening bags. 

Photo: Stylecaster

MiroslavaDumaInstagram Photo: Miroslava Duma Instagram

After seeing the perfume bags during the Resort 2014 runway show, I spotted Miroslava Duma carrying it around the Chanel show during last Paris Fashion Week. Not a shocker, since she always seems to own the best Chanel items. Later on, she Instagrammed (is that even a verb?) a close up while waiting for the show to start. With only - or so it seems - a Blackberry inside, it makes me wonder how the bag opens. Does it open completely or does it stop half way through, hurting your hand trying to get something out of it? If you know, drop a comment in the box below.

To avoid depression, I tried not to think about the bag anymore, which was working quite well. But then this happened...

RihannaChanel Photo: Daily Mail

About 3 days ago, Rihanna was spotted around West Village in New York carrying two Chanel N°5 bags. Yes, not one, but two. It seems that they also come in handy to show off some of your own products, like a Rihanna For M.AC. lipstick, for example. This picture was enough to stir up all the emotions I thought I'd put away deep inside of me. #DramaQueenMoments

And then, just a couple of moments ago, ...

DsaksChanel Photo: Dsaks In Style

... I spotted Diana from Dsaks In Style carrying the beauty in black. I can't remember seeing any other blogger with this bag, but she definitely has some amazing items in her closet. And here I am, dreaming about an unreachable item again. After all this time, I'm still head over heels for this bag. Good enough to make it into the 'Shark Attack Loves...' category. 

For those who are wondering: the Chanel N°5 perfume bottle bag will cost you about $ 9500. 

What do you think about this bag? Are there any other perfume bottles you would like to see transformed in a cute evening bag?


  1. Zo wil ik er ook wel eentje!!

    x Jill

  2. Dior zou ook wel zo'n handtasje mogen maken :)

    x Jill

  3. Deze stond ook op kerstmis wensenlijstje maar ik vrees dat hij er ook voor altijd zal blijven opstaan! Ik had hem nog niet in het zwart gezien maar zou dan voor de zwarte gaan, kwestie van toch nog een beetje discretie te hebben over je persoonlijke spullen.

    x Karen

  4. Chanel N°5 is MY perfume so I love so much this original bag

  5. Love it!


  6. love the bag, but crazy price! omfg..

  7. This is a really cool, well-researched post! Good job finding all of the photos of the world's most fashionable sporting these bags. I think they're really cute. I can't believe Rihanna owns two.. however I guess it really isn't that surprising. Which part of Belgium do you live in? I visited last summer and got to go to some really gorgeous places xx

    Keep in touch!


  8. Love it! It's in my own wishlist!

  9. Thanks for the comment, sweety!!!!
    I like the transparent version of this bag!


  10. Coool wil er ook wel 1 hebben :P! alleen t heeft wel een prijskaartje haha

  11. Hi dear :) amazing bag!!!


    Kiss Tea

  12. It is such a cute little bag, but definitely not practical at all! :(

    Away From Blue

  13. Héél erg cool, ik moet alleen nog even sparen ;-)!

  14. i love this bag but is very expensive :(
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    would you like to pass from my blog?

  15. It is absolutely beautiful, I would get the black one though, I am not a fan of lucite!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  16. I love that Chanel bag. It's been poppin up =)


  17. Fantastic! Got a mini perfume bottle phone case from Inversedot.com


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