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What is it with 'ugly' shoes becoming the it-item out of nowhere? You're now a fashion outsider if you don't own a pair of Birkenstocks (you can ban me to the deepest pits of hell, but you'll never see me wearing them), the Adidas slippers and white socks combo is no longer a taboo (read all about it here) and it looks like the (in)famous jelly beach sandals are making a comeback again too!

We all know them and we all had them: jelly sandals that our parents got us whenever they planned a trip to the seaside. They were - or still are - perfect to walk over that damn hot sand like a boss and protected your feet of everything sharp or icky laying on the bottom of the ocean; I'm taking sea shells and sea weed. And the best part? They came in every color possible, making sure you could find a pair that matched your bathing suit perfectly. Aaah, so many memories.

I've been a fan of jelly sandals since forever. I got the flashy, almost blinding, pink jelly sandals by See By Chloé four years ago (see here) and a second pair by Kartell followed quickly (see here). But the original, iconic jelly beach sandal has been present my whole life: my parents got me a baby yellow pair to walk the beaches of Italy as a little kid, I then got the see through pair in the middle during my stay in Sicily due to rocky beaches that hurt like a motherf*cker and also wore that very pair to several festivals. They survive every weather condition, believe me. If they're dirty, just take a water hose, spray some water over them and they're as good as new. Oh, and they're super cheap.

That being said, I know that you'll either love this trend with all your heart, or hate it with every bone in your body. I think the jellies are cute, easy, fun and also think that they add a dose of cuteness and innocence to every look. I've collected some pictures for you to get some inspiration and will also tell you where you can shop them. 

What do you think? I can't wait to here your thoughts on this one!

© First picture & collage by Shark Attack - Fashion Blog; All other images via Tumblr

I really love Kylie Jenner's style and love how she sticks to it, despite growing up in the Kardashian / Jenner household. She's been spotted wearing a pair of transparent jelly beach shoes on a regular basis and always wears them with of socks.

David Bowie already wore them way back and it's just extremely unfair how he can pull off any look.

Next up is Perrie Edwards, a British pop singer and the girlfriend of one of the One Directioners. Edwards also wears them with socks like Kylie does, but she goes for the cute, doll like look.

All black. Loving every single thing about this look.

I'm usually not a fan of a lot of colors, but this picture makes me happy.

Even Chanel made a pair... I need these in my life.

I searched the web and found some super cool options for you to shop. Websites such as 'Jelly Beans' and 'Juju Shoes' have the biggest selection, but you can also find them on 'Asos' and 'Topshop', even though they're sold out most of the time. Happy shopping!

1. ASOS (€ 25,35) // 2. Jelly Beans (AUD $ 29,99) // 3. Topshop (€ 26,00) // 4. Jelly Beans (AUD $ 29,99) //
5. Juju Shoes // 6. Topshop (€ 9,00) // 7. Juju Shoes // 8. Juju Shoes

Not satisfied? Looking for more? 
Here are some extra options below:


    Sorry for caps, but that's how much I hate them.

  2. Nope, sorry this is a trend I won't be following :)


  3. Deze vind ik nog leuk! Jeugdsentiment I guess :D maar birckenstocks? No way!

  4. Ik vind die wel schattig eigenlijk! Alleen weet ik niet of ik ze echt zou dragen, misschien wel naar een festival! ;) Anyway ik ben er nog niet helemaal aan uit, ik heb ze ook gehad als klein kindje en toen vond ik ze alleszins de max! :D

    Marlies - Golden Mirrors & Pink Bows

  5. Ik vind die van Chanel superleuk, maar vrees dat ik er zélf echt niet mee zou wegkomen...

  6. My first pair of jelly shoes was a pair of Marc Jacobs ballerinas few years ago. But I think that they are uncomfortable, especially when it's really hot!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  7. Ook deze trend laat ik passeren. Voor slippers vind ik het helemaal ok (ik heb er van Melissa) maar de echte watersandalen, da's niks voor mij.

  8. I'm so obsessed with the pink one in the first picture. They look so comfy but fashionable. Thanks for sharing!!


  9. I love these kinda shoes!! I just love them. I once owned a pair of jelly shoes and it was amazing for my feed! Unfortunately they broke :-/
    Great picks!!

    ♘ www.sugarpopfashion.com ♘

  10. Niet echt iets wat ik zelf zou aantrekken...

  11. I used to wear does when I was like 6! I love them! I can't wait to wear them again!

  12. Ah Krizia, ben het volledig met je eens : neen voor de Birkenstocks, ja voor de jellys! Heb een paar dagen geleden nog een foto van mezelf geplaatst met m'n jellys :) ik ben wel meer fan van de gewone dan die met de 'hak', dat vind ik wat minder.
    Je Chloé's zijn echt super! En de Chanel's, olala! Denk wel dat deze te duur zijn voor wat het uiteindelijk maar is en je kan het eigenlijk DIY-en volgens mij..
    xo Lyn

  13. Ik vind ze leuk en ga zeker nog een paar kopen voor ik op vakantie vertrek (superhandig om mee in zee te gaan!)


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