Trend // Adidas 'Adilettes' Slippers

I've been keeping an eye on this upcoming trend for a while now and when I saw Mary-Kate Olsen leaving a restaurant above, it was official: the 'Adilettes' by Adidas are back. They were originally created as comfy footwear for athletes, were part of tons of street looks in the 90s and were banned into the deepest pits of fashion hell afterwards. The only thing still kind of acceptable was to wear them around the pool, coming out of the shower and... in my home town, combined with white socks and all. And guess what? It looks like the people in my teeny tiny home town were far ahead of the trend for once.

It might be surprising to see the Adilettes all over town again, but is it really? Remember when most of us were hating on wearing Birkenstocks in public and how they suddenly became THE it-item after Céline pimped and furred them a bit (I still don't like them, though)? Hypes really do find their way  sooner or later and even if others like to claim otherwise, I really believe that there aren't rules in fashion -- just wear what you like, that's my motto.

The Adilettes have been spotted on celebrities, bloggers and are even featured in editorials recently. I collected a couple of images after the jump. My opinion? I never thought I'd say this, but I love how some of the girls combined them. They really pull them off. Reflecting on my personal style, I'm afraid they're just not me. Plus, wearing them where I live, I'd probably be far behind on anyone else; they're a trend among the boys, I'm telling ya.

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this one.
Cool? Or just not done?

Amanda Bynes was spotted wearing Adilettes and white socks in NYC. She's in rehab right now and according to the latest rumours, Amanda's doing great and she might even come home for the holidays. Let's hope she can pull everything together again, because I really liked her movies when I was younger and I do believe she's a talented young woman.

Christine from Fash 'n Chips wears the Adilettes in both casual and chic outfits. I'm really digging the second outfit.

Celine from Hippie Hippie Milkshake combines the slippers with a touch of rock 'n roll. Plus, how gorgeous is that Proenza Schouler PS11 bag?

Photographer Aitken Jolly snapped the Adilettes multiple times in his editorial for b Magazine. You can see all the pictures here.

The same goes for Rebecca Naen and Hayley McCarthy from Fresh Habits, who put together this editorial called 'Socks & Slides'. Take a look at all the shots here.

Designer Misha Nonoo's Resort 2014 lookbook shows the Adilettes in almost every shot. You can see the whole lookbook here.


  1. ma de meeste van die outfits zijn gewoon een kwestie van styling: ge kunt daar eender welke lompe, casual slipper onder steken en dat ziet er "ok" uit volgens modebegrippen. TRENDS ARE A LIE

    1. Ja, maar mij gaat het erom dat ze niet eender welke lompe, casual slipper dragen, maar juist wél die van Adidas.

    2. Interessant mode-item!

      Kvind het eigenlijk wel gedurfd maar dat vind ik juist een vorm van trendsetting.
      Dus ben er van overtuigd dat het wel eens een trend kan worden.

      x Jill

  2. Funny Adidas!! It's a great idea for next summer :-D

    Viky --- MySecretFashionPoison

  3. I don't think I'll follow this trend out of the swimming pool!^^


  4. met kousen neen, zonder ja

  5. My bf wears them around the house all the time! I wouldn't mind them for beach wear but probably wouldn't wear them anywhere else!

  6. Bwoooh, ik ben er niet zo voor te vinden. Ik vind die slippers ook gewoon echt LELIJK :) Hoewel ik moet zeggen dat ik het nog wel snap bij de vijfde foto.

  7. Bwooh, ik ben er niet zo voor te vinden. Ik vind die slippers gewoon ook echt LELIJK :) Hoewel het bij de vijfde foto nog wel ok is.

  8. Mmmmh...only at the sea side!
    xxx Alita

  9. i like.


  10. Very smart!! Great post doll <3


  11. Love that shot & I remember those slippers all too well xx


  12. Not cool! I used to use them when i was a child and have to go to swimming lessons. x

  13. Ik ga toch even mooi passen voor deze "trend". Als de juiste persoon het draagt kan zelfs een vuilniszak met daaronder crocs mode worden ;)

    x Karen


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