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It's time to introduce you a new Belgian hotspot on the World Wide Web: Labelcrush.com!

LabelCRUSH is an online platform where you can sell your preloved and good-as-new clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry -- well, you get the picture. However, this website is different from other vintage selling websites and shops. Why?

- If you're interested in selling an item from your closet, you can decide the price you want to sell it for yourself. Plus, you can change the price whenever you want. It happens often that the owners of the vintage selling website or shop set the price your item will be sold for. 

- The team behind LabelCRUSH don't get a penny if you sell an item. Most owners ask a commission whenever an item from their website or shop has been sold (a 20 % commission, for example). The only thing you have to pay for at LabelCRUSH, is to get your item online. These prices are nothing compared to the commission of a sold item; do you prefer to pay a couple of euros to advertise your item or to hand over 100 euros or more as a commission? Yes, I think so too. You can find all advertising prices here

I've been browsing the web shop for the past hour now and I've seen so many items I'd love to add to my wardrobe. Unfortunately, a lot of them are sold out already. You have to be very quick to get your hands on the item you want on the LabelCRUSH website. To avoid this from happening, you can become a VIP Member. This will give you the privilege to see and purchase all new arrivals 48 hours before the non VIP Members can. Pretty cool, right?

Sold out or not, I decided to make a collage for you anyway. Nothing wrong with a bit of eye candy. My wallet isn't cutting me any slack at the moment, so I'm thinking of selling some of my designer items via LabelCRUSH myself. If I do, I'll let y'all know, of course! 

Now, to be redirected to the items in the collage above, click on the links below:

I almost forgot to tell you: they sell the most beautiful Birkin bags too. Seriously, how insanely gorgeous are the soft pink and blue ones?



  1. Die Jimmy Choo schoenen zie ik ook wel zetten ;)

    x Karen

  2. Grote liefde voor de Chanel-tas!

  3. Die Jimmy Chooooo's! Prachtig
    en ja Hermès Birkin Bag... ja prachtig gewoon é


  4. Thank you for sharing Krizia, it didn't know this website! Definitely worth a visit!

    Arianna, Nymphashion ♡

  5. Sounds great!! I have to check out the site.


  6. great selection!


  7. The website seems like a good location to start selling stuff(: thank you for introducing us to this amazing website! x


  8. amazing pieces. love the i.m sneakers. just amazing

  9. Zalige post meid! Thanks for the share!
    Die Chanel handtas daar ben ik al maanden voor aan het sparen haha!
    Check out my new post if you want, maybe we can also like each other FB?
    Let me know, Love, Lima xoxo


  10. I have to look it up, your picks are fabulous, thanks for the tip!
    Mafalda ❤

  11. Wauw die Jimmy Choo's!
    Handige tip!x

  12. de balenciaga city bag en bobby sneakers zijn echt mooi :)

  13. I saw your comment on my website glamcocktail.com and I decided to visit you, and you have an awesome blog. Congratulations!


  14. great selection !



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