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Last week, the ever so sweet people at UPR and Zalando invited me to discover their newest collection, an offspring from the collaboration between blogger / it-girl Eleonora Carisi and Zalando. I hadn't attended an event for ages, the first images looked very promising and I had to miss my blogger friends for way too long; the perfect mix to get me going. Most events take place an hour drive away from my home town, so it's not always practical nor easy for me to attend them.

The event took place at Nomad in Antwerp. Time? 9 am. Auch! Getting up at 6 am wasn't an option (unless you want to meet some cranky b*tch), so I decided to crash at Michel and Bart's house the night place -- They're really good friends of mine and they live in Antwerp. Thanks again for the fun night, guys! Love you!

Anyway, UPR and Zalando organized a healthy breakfast for us bloggers, at which we could enjoy the great food, the lovely collection and cosy scenery (read: huge plants and trees in a tiny location). Eleonora Carisi is all about nature, which shows in the 9 piece collection she designed for Zalando: the print is a green leaves overload and the collection is made from silk, cotton and organza. You can check out the whole collection on Eleonora's own blog here.

Cutting it short: I had a blast with my fellow bloggers, binged on all the delish food and really loved the collection, even though I always thought that I'd never like the color green. Thumbs up! 

The Eleonora Carisi For Zalando collection will be available from March (which is, like, now) and you can get it here. Please note that the collection is made from pretty things such as silk, cotton and organza, so the prices are adjusted to that fact. But remember: you get an eye catching statement piece in return!  

To see more pictures of the event, click below. 
All pictures are taken by Woodmonkey.

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Annebeth and I doing our thing.

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Bloggers and social media... No explanation needed.

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Camera... Lights... Action!

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Bloggers and food... Again: no explanation needed. Taking a snapshot of the lovely Emma.

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Blending in perfectly with my Eleonora Carisi For Zalando blouse. I love the print and leather pants combo! Never mind the shoes, lol. 

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All together! Meet my fellow bloggers EmmaAnnebethPolienneKimFarah & HananLucie and Nathalie


  1. Ziet er echt super leuk uit! Die witte blazer is echt prachtig!

    x Karen

  2. Cute photos! Looks like such a fun event!


  3. Zag er echt tof uit! En dat eten...!! De collectie vind ik trouwens echt leuk!

    x Aurélie

  4. Was leuk je nog eens terug te zien. Hoewel het eten keilekker was, kijken we alletwee superbedenkelijk naar dat buffet :D

  5. this is such a cool event! beautiful photos as well! hope you can take a look at my blog and follow if you'd like x


  6. it looks like a really nice event
    hope you had a good time
    thanks for sharing your experience

  7. Die collectie ziet er zeker niet slecht uit.


  8. Zag er een superleuk event uit. Ik ben normaal ook echt geen fan van groen, maar vind deze collectie op't eerste zicht goed meevallen!

  9. What a lovely venue, the place and the food look amazing. Really like your cool pants and slip-ons!
    Mafalda ❤

  10. This is such a air-conditioned outfit! Reminds me of addition decade with a avant-garde aberration beauty tips for face

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Ziet er gezellige uit x www.sistersandsisters.com

  12. It seems like a great experience, I really like a lot the style of Eleonora Carisi!
    Kisses from Italy


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