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I finally opened a Tictail account, on which you can shop items coming straight from my closet. I used to have a second blog on which I would sell my stuff, but I think Tictail is way more easier to use and less work to manage.

Having a day off today, I decided to clean out the first part of my closet, of which you can see the result above. All the items above, I haven't worn for the past year(s). Why leave all of this stuff hiding in my closet if someone else could be happy with it? With a mix of designer and cheaper brands, I think everyone will find something suitable. I'm cleaning out my closet again tomorrow, so keep an eye on my Tictail page, since there will be more to come. :)

To go to my online shop, click HERE.
All information on how to order and pay items, you can find HERE.

Happy shopping! 


  1. Superleuk, ik ga METEEN rondsnuffelen ;-).

  2. Heel leuk! Ik ga snel eens kijken ;)


  3. Thanks for sharing! Good luck! xx

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  4. Super idee ! Ik kende tictail niet maar het ziet er super uit !
    Goed ideetje voor de toekomst :)
    Ben je tevreden over tictail ?



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