Competition // Bloggers Wardrobe

Note: The picture above is not my closet (I wish), it is a picture from The Coveteur.

Hi everyone!

I've been asked to take part in the Bloggers Wardrobe-contest and while I'm not a big fan of (sometimes shameless) self promotion for a contest, I'm willing to make an exception for this one since a couple of my favorite bloggers are already in the Bloggers Wardrobe-group. In more or less 30 words should I tell you why I 'deserve' to be in the group too:

Well, I feel Belgian fashion blogs have always been far behind on other blogs and I want to put the Belgian blogosphere out there and give my fellow Belgian bloggers and myself the credit we don't always get for our hard work. 

You can read everything about the project HERE.
For now, you don't have to do anything except to show some love and support. :D

x Krizia


  1. vind het een geweldig initiatief. heb mezelf teruggetrokken uit de wedstrijd, het niveau van de andere bloggers is echt hoog zoals je al zei. vind het geweldig dat je meedoet en je hebt gelijk, wij belgen zouden ons moeten profileren. good luck girl, hope you are in it

  2. Awesome that you're competing in it, wish you good luck! :D Welcome back by the way, missed you! :D

  3. Mijn support heb je al!

    xo Eline

  4. Go Krizia, representin us Belgian bloggers! You've got my vote :)!

  5. Mijn stem heb je ook, beste collega!

  6. The photo is amazing... Nice post... I vote for you


  7. Wauw super, proficiat! Mijn steun heb je alvast, ik vind het echt fantastisch dat je mee doet!!
    Carlota's little blog

  8. Great competition indeed, all those amazin bloggers united, I sure hope you'll be a part of it :)


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