Trip // Matala

During my stay in Greece, I visited a small city called Matala, which has become one of my favorite places ever. In the 60's and 70's, Matala was populated by a community of hippies, who used to live in caves along the shore. Their influences are still very present today, like the beautiful ground paintings above 
which pop up everywhere. If you're lucky enough, you may still find a hippie hidden between the caves, playing catchy tunes on his guitar. Just a couple of weeks before our stay in  Matala, the city organized a reunion for all the hippies who used to live there. I'm so bummed to have missed it, it would have been so cool to be there! Walking around the small city centre, you can really feel the peace and quiet  and the laid back atmosphere hanging around. With also cosy little restaurants, offering you an amazing view, and the beautiful sea and beach, I would  recommend Matala to everyone!

P.S.: Picture overload comin' up!
P.P.S: Since Blogger isn't accepting my pictures from Photobucket for some  reason, you'll have to do with the crappy Blogger-quality pictures. Sorry for  that! I've been having so many problems with Blogger lately, I'm thinking to transfer to Wordpress. Which platform do you prefer?

Hat: UNKNOWN // Top: H&M // Skirt: H&M // Flats: UNKOWN


  1. yep you have found a true hippy. the vibe in that little town must be insane. love your blue skies pictures. they look all right. i think it is the problem with faces and hands in close up. from a distance it looks perfect. the colors look amazing

  2. Beautiful pictures! It makes me wanna go back to Italy! x

  3. Beautiful pictures! Haha and I love the hippy. Never been to the city before, but I love to go there some day, it looks truely amazing.

    I haven't got any problems with uploading pictures from Photobucket, so weird that you do! I think wordpress is a better platform...

    Carlota's little blog

  4. Nice photos, it looks so beautiful over there :) Great outfit you had :D

  5. Lovely!
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    I am sure you’ll love it.



  6. Wauw, dat wil ook eens gaan bezoeken!
    Ik heb Wordpress en ben er heel tevreden mee :)

  7. Waauw, prachtig!!! Supermooie foto's!

  8. loove your outfit :) en echt leuke foto's! Jammer dat photobucket niet werkt voor jou, ik gebruik blogger en zet mijn foto's op dropbox, echt heel gemakkelijk en heb nog nooit problemen gehad..!

  9. Love the picture!
    Sounds like your having a fab time.

    Abigail x

  10. Hmmm, hier moet ik duidelijk ooit eens naartoe gaan! Mooie foto's ook, ik wil ook vakantie :D

  11. Hmpff vacation....
    Looks absolutely lovely!

    I would recommend blogger. Had wordpress before, but it is different from blogger.


  12. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.231088953626565.51192.204038512998276&type=3
    Matala Festival 2011
    Are you ready for 2012????? 2-3-4 June


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