Morocco 2010

Hi everyone!

After a period of absence, I'm finally back!
As you can tell from my previous post, I went to Agadir (Morocco) for 10 days.
I finally found the time to upload some pictures,
since I started working again the day after I got back and I won't get a day off until next Friday.

Morocco was much more than I expected:

- Beautiful nature;
- Great food - I fell in love with tagine and couscous;
- Friendly people and not clingy at all, as some may say;
- Cheap transport and food;
- ...

The famous mountain in Agadir by day...

... and by night. I was completely in love with the mountain by night!

Me and Chocolate (Yeah, that's his name. :D). My knees were burned from the sun. I guess putting on protective sun cream about 20 times a day still wasn't enough.

I thought this maxi-dress from Mango was perfect for a night out.

Some pictures of the stores in the souk.
The souk was big, crowded, noisy, warm and dusty - Just like in Sex And The City 2.

The patterns of two scarfs I bought - They were still kind of pricey, but they were too pretty to leave them behind.

Drinking mint tea with our guide in the souk. Such a friendly man.
He spoke Italian, which was a nice break from struggling with my French.

Wearing one of my scarfs - Perfect for when it cooled down in the evening.

I totally fell in love with this house and the matching car.

Marilyn Monroe-move.

At Marina, a little port just about 5 minutes from our hotel.

Pink! I'm a girl after all.

There were a lot of cats in our hotel, most of them were terribly skinny!
I'm a big animal lover and I really wanted to take them all with me.

Here kitty, kitty.

Most stunning view ever...

During an excursion we got the chance to eat tagine with the locals, and it was delicious!

This is Mohammed, the cutest and sweetest man I met during my stay in Morocco.
P.S.: That's his hat I'm wearing.

Tea, anyone?


  1. Ziet er leuk uit! :) Ik vind die 2de foto met die kameel zooo mooi.

  2. Je hebt gelijk echt wel een zalige vakantie gehad!

  3. Mooie foto's krizia.... ik ben blij dat je terug bent en niet verkocht zijt. Dit grapje zul je wel vaker gehoord hebben, nu je terug bent van morocco. grtz xxx neef tony

  4. Leuke foto's meid!!!! x

  5. Wauw dat ziet er allemaal heel mooi & leuk uit!


  6. het ziet er erg leuk uit! & mooi! Ha grappig met die kameel :D



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