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Hi guys!

About a month ago I got an email from Girlscene, a Dutch website about fashion, beauty and lifestyle.
They asked me if I wanted to do an interview for them, for the section 'The Style Of...'.
As anyone would be, I was a little bit honored that they asked me, so I immediately answered the questions.
The end result would be online... while I was in Morocco!
There wasn't any Internet where we were staying, so I had to wait until I was home to see the interview.
Very frustrating. :D

I took a couple of screenshots from the pictures used to glam up the interview.
The interview is in Dutch (Sorry to my international readers!), but the questions are quite similar from those from my interview with Chicisimo - CLICK HERE.

I was stunned by the amount of comments my interview got - both positive and negative ones, of course.
I don't have a thing against constructive criticism, not at all, but there were also some negative comments about my parents which bothered me a little.
I answered a question saying: 'If you're wondering how a student can afford all of this, my parents help me out a little.'
All of the sudden, I got comments about people telling me that I was a spoiled and arrogant girl, that I need to grow up and take care of my own, that I rely on my parents ...
If people want to attack me without knowing me, that's fine, but if my parents want to buy me something 'expensive', it's not anyone's problem, is it?

I think I would have got the same comments if I hadn't said a thing about my parents, but I just wanted to clear things out a little bit.
For those who are wondering: I do have a job during the weekends and holidays and work for my own money as much as I can. :)

I would like to thank Girlscene for giving me this opportunity, the interview looks great. :)
And also a huge thank you to each and every one of you that visit my blog and / or leave a comment.

To see the interview with Girlscene: CLICK HERE.


  1. Thanks to...? :p
    Haha nee schat, ge verdiende het echt waar!
    En niks aantrekken van dat slecht commentaar, ik krijg dat ook op mijn artikels soms.. Maar dan doen de goede commentaren extra veel deugd ^^


  2. Don't let them judgemental people upset you. You are amazing.


  3. Ik vind het een leuk artikel. Mijn mening ken je al in verband met die kinderachtige reacties!

  4. I think you need to look at it from a different perspective too. There are lots of people who don't have what you have, even though they would like to. So I hope you understand how frustrating it must seem to hear about someone else who gets those things 'just like that' from her parents. Including me. I know my parents could never do me such favors and how much I would like it to be different, I know it won't change. All I can do is study and work hard so when I get older, I can afford myself to buy those things. As far as the comments go about you being a spoiled and arrogant brat...They don't know you, so they are the last people on earth who should judge about who you are. They're not in the place to do so and frankly, I think they're wrong too ;)

  5. @ Sabrina, A Glamorous Way of Thinking & Couture: Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!

    @ Anonymous:

    I now that I might be 'privileged' in some ways, but the way they talked made it seem that I sit around all day doing nothing, only going out to shop.
    I study too, and I have a job during the weekends and holidays. I try to pay for everything I want as much as I can, but it's not always possible.
    And that's when my parents (sometimes, not always) come in the picture. It's not that I have to snap my fingers and I'll get what I want, not at all. :)
    Just wanted to make that clear.

    Thanks for your comment! Xxx

  6. Ach dat zijn gewoon kinderen die niet weten wat ze moeten zeggen & dan zeggen ze zo iets debiels. Niet naar luisteren inderdaad er waren ook veel positieve commentaren :)

  7. You have such gorgeous outfits! Congrats on the feature (even though I don't understand it!).

  8. @ A La Modest: Thanks so much, sweety!

  9. Ach zo gaat het er vaak aan toe op girlscene, niks van aantrekken ;)
    Ik vind dat je een leuke blog hebt! En je hebt een paar gewéldige items!

  10. @ Ruby And Siel: Dank je wel! Ja, ik was niet zo bekend met Girlscene voor het interview, dus jullie zullen het wel weten. :D

  11. That's fantastic, you must be so proud! Wish I could understand Dutch!


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