Leaving For Morocco!

In a couple of hours, I'll be on a plane to Morocco.
I'll stay there for 10 days.
I don't think I'll be able to tweet / blog from there, though. :(
But I'll make a lot of pictures, so stay tuned! :D

I want to try some Sex And The City 2 scenes,
like for example the one where Carrie buys shoes:

'20 dollars? For shoes? Shoes for everyone!'

Haha, just kidding!
I just hope the food will be good, I can buy some nice things there, and that it won't be TOO hot.

So... I guess I'll see you back on the 21st of July.
See you soon!



  1. Laat alleen dit Charlotte look achterwege, aub :)
    Veel plezier!

  2. @ Insomnia: Ik vind alleen Carrie's outfit echt mooi op de foto. :s

    @ Glamour Bbey: Dank je, schat!

  3. Heel veel plezier meid!!!!! x

  4. Veel plezier he! Het wordt vast en zeker heel leuk, ga er zelf normaal gesproken elk jaar heen, maar nu ff paar jaartjes niet geweest! Ik wil je foto's echt zien


  5. Thanks a lot to all of you!
    I'll try to put the pictures on here ASAP!
    Just got back from the airport and I have to work at 11 am tomorrow,
    so it's going to be hectic!


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