King Of Pop

Today's my first day off after 8 long days of work -- I slept until 11 a.m., which is probably the first time that ever happened.
Even if I go out, I'm already awake at 9 a.m.

I was standing in front of my closet, going through my shirts, when I bumped into this one that
I found at Zara a couple of months ago.
I can still remember what I was doing when Michael Jackson passed away.
It was one of those events that everyone will always remember -- It's like when someone asks you:
"What were you doing when you heard about 9/11?"
Now it's something like:
"What were you doing when you heard that MJ passed away?"

I was still sleeping, when my sister came into my room to tell me the news.
The night before, I was watching the news, when they said that the King Of Pop had a heart attack.
I couldn't believe it, hoping it was a mistake.
When he was accused of child abuse, I always said he was innocent. A lot of people laughed at me because of that,
but I didn't and still don't care.
And his 'Greatest Hits'-collection was and is always playing in my car, along with Guns 'n Roses.
So, here's my tribute to the one and only King Of Pop -- R.I.P.

Leather Jacket: BERSHKA // Shirt: ZARA // Leggings: H&M // Ring: YSL // Bag: CHANEL

Here's one of my favourite MJ-songs of all time: 'Dirty Diana'.


  1. Je jasje ziet er zo super uit! Is het echt leer?

  2. very nice outfit.
    xx simona


  3. @ Couture: Ik denk het niet. Ik weet de juiste prijs niet meer (is al even geleden), maar ik herinner me dat het helemaal geen duur jasje was.

    @ Simona: Thanks a lot!

  4. such a cute outfit! Billie Jean just came up on my shuffle :P hehe

  5. wish I had an MJ tee.. I'll get one, eventually haha :)

  6. @ STEFANIE: I'm sure you'll find one, especially now that he passed away.

  7. Thanks for comments, sweeties!

  8. Ik was toen nog aan het slapen en de wekker radio ging net af met de nieuws. Was raar, dacht eerst dat ik nog aan het slapen was...
    Was ng aan het twijfelen om dat shirt ook te kopen . Staat je goed =)

  9. ey!

    Ik ben ook vn België en ik ben van plan ook zo'n Chanel tas te kopen binnenkort. Ik vroeg me af waar je die gekocht hebt en hoeveel deze koste? als je het wil vertellen tenminste. Je mag me ook e-mailen als je dat liever wil

    Alvast bedankt!

  10. I love MJ! I never really wanted to believe all the rumors about his child molesting either. Some people might have just said that because they wanted to ruin his career, destroy his image, and especially get a TON of money from him... like those little boys' parents probably sued him and made up those lies just to get money. I don't know what to believe.

    Great outfit, though!!

  11. @ Isabella: Ik heb je net terug gemaild. :D

    @ A La Modest: I read that one of the boys now confessed that he had to lie about MJ molesting him, because his dad wanted money. If I remember correctly, the father killed himself, because he couldn't deal with all the hate and threats he now had to deal with.

  12. deze outfit is echt geslaagd! ö
    and we love channel ^^


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