Shark Attack Talks... // Designer Clothes Bad For Our Health?

I found an article on the website of the Dutch Grazia, stating that designer clothes' quality is very bad and that they even might be bad for our health. Chinese investigators say that clothes of Versace, Hermès, Paul & Shark, Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana (and others) contain formaldehyde, a substance that might cause skin and eye irritations, allergies and even cancer.

Up 'till now, I never had any problems with any of my 'more expensive' clothes, so I'll keep wearing them. :)

Here are some pictures of one of my favourite D&G collections, the Fall 2009 RTW collection. I made a post about the collection once. I don't know about the bad substances, but the clothes don't seem of bad quality to me.

What do you think?

Pictures: www.style.com


  1. Ik zou het wel creepy vinden als er echt schadelijke stoffen in zouden zitten...
    Maar ik zou het dan wel raar vinden, dat volksgezondheid die kleren dan niet uit de handel laat nemen. Voorlopig doe ik ook nog mijn Versace kleren aan ;-)


  2. Hihi..

    "kuch Kuch" .. "ah ziek hoe komt het?" "wel ik heb een nieuw kleedje van Versace gekocht en ja ziek geworden e"

    Het zou nogal grappig zijn :D ..

  3. @ Greet: Haha, idd! Eens uitproberen? :p

  4. You are totally right. and till know I don`t have problems in wearing them. And wouldn`t have a problem if I had much more. Great post!


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  6. Ze doen dat gwn om hun eigen kleding van slechte kwaliteit een duwtje in de rug te geven...

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  8. Hey dude, how can you tell that designer clothes are bad for health? I have never experienced any such things. By all means I love wearing designer clothes.

  9. @ Voi: I also have never experienced any problems with my designer clothes. I think those Chinese people are trying to find an excuse for their own bad quality clothes. :)

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