Shark Attack Loves... // Rodarte Glow In The Dark Shoes

It looks like fashion keeps evolving more and more every second and I'm so thankful for that, because they keep coming with the craziest, but also most brilliant ideas.

I was, and still am, completely fascinated by the shoes with the glow in the dark-heels at the Rodarte fashion show. They look like the kind of shoes only fairies would wear. Seriously, I would be afraid to wear them! I'm already freaking out if I scratch my New Look-shoes, so I can't imagine how I would react if I would own these beauties and something would happen to them. I think I would use them as a night lamp for my bedside table, where they would be safe and sound. =)

And I'm sorry for the lack of updates. My internship has taken all of my time the past two weeks, but it ends this Thursday, so I'll be able to post more very soon!



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