Review // MAC x Nasty Gal Lipsticks

Leave it to MAC to launch collaborations that make my heart beat faster. I'm no expert when it comes to blushes, eyeshadows and so on (even though I would want to be), so I immediately go for the lipsticks instead. When I first heard the news that MAC and Nasty Gal were teaming up, I was over the moon. Even though I have never ordered anything from the website (I'm a pussy when it comes to ordering online overseas; I'm always afraid that something will go wrong), I do check it at least once a week. Plus, I already shared my excitement on the MAC x Nasty Gal collection before here

You probably all know about my love for matte lipsticks already, so when I found out that all three lipsticks would be matte, I knew I had to get my hands on them. Whenever MAC collaborates with a celebrity or a brand, the collections hit stores on a Saturday most of the time -- when I have to work. The best chance I had was to find out when the collection would be launched online. Thanks to some inside sources (do I sound like Gossip Girl already), I was anxiously sitting in front of my laptop one morning, hitting that refresh button like a mofo. 

After waiting for what seemed an eternity (and were only three days in reality), I finally received my babies. Yes, I order my children online. And now, I can finally review them for you! Are you ready?

The MAC x Nasty Gal collection will hit stores on Saturday, 7 February 2015.

From left to right: Stunner - Runner - Gunner. They come in the typical black and silver MAC packaging.

Time to have a better look and to find out what MAC has to say about these lipsticks. Stunner is a "clean red matte" color, Runner is "burgundy matte" and Gunner is a "deep purple matte" color.

And here's how the lipsticks look on my lips! 

Stunner has a hint of orange to it. I'm usually not a fan of such colors, this one passed the test. The coverage is how it should be and even though the lipstick has an overall matte finish, it has a creamy feel when applying it. 

Runner is burgundy indeed, even if it seems to have a brownish touch to it. Again, I have no complaints about the coverage. As with all matte lipsticks most of the time, be sure to scrub your lips before applying it. This color shows every bit of dry skin on the lips. 

Gunner is a bit trickier to apply, since it leaves open spots on the lips here and there. The color makes up for it big time, though! I absolutely love it. Even though some might find the purple shade a bit too much to wear by day (I don't, but that's just my opinion), it's also the perfect color to wear for a night out -- and to prevent creeps from kissing you at the club; it always works for me. ;) Now all I need to do is to find the perfect lipliner for this lipstick and I'm positive it will look even better. So, if you have any suggestions on where I can find a deep purple lip pencil that matches Gunner, do let me know! 

Do you have a favorite from MAC x Nasty Gal collection?


  1. Runner is mijn favoriet <3 Hopelijk kan ik het krijgen!

  2. oh wow mooie lipsticks


  3. Wow Runner is zo een mooie lippenstift! Echt mijn ding! Leuke aankopen!

    x Karen

  4. Lovely colours! Also really like how you've created swatch style pictures by actually showing them on your lips! Love it! Mooi kleuren!


  5. Stunner is echt een prachtige kleur, maar ik vrees dat ik met de rest zelf écht niet wegkom.

  6. Ik vind ze alle drie super mooi maar gunner trekt toch net iets meer mijn aandacht ;)

    Imke xx

  7. That dark red is so stunning, i don't own any mac, i must get some!

    Natalie Lines Blog

  8. OMG! I'm going to need the first two shades for sure! The classic red lips and the dark red one too! Thank you for sharing!

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