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For me, January has been a month full of doubts, writer's blocks, brainstorming sessions; all about the blog. That's why I haven't been so active on here for the past month. I needed some time of to get things straight and find out what I want for my blog and where I want to go with it. I have figured it all out and I'm more than ready for a new start. Yay! Here are my favorite Instagram shots that I took during January 2015.

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The truth and nothing but the truth.

I welcomed my new baby cousin Nirrimi into the world. I already love her to death.

"Eating soft ice cream. Coney Island queen."

Ready for work.

A close up of the new Zara necklace that I managed to score in the sales.

I love R.M. Drake's poems.

I came in like a faux fur ball.

Gin o'clock.

Even though it's pretty to look at, I'm not a fan of snow.

This was my car's frozen windshield and I kinda got fascinated by it.

Quality time with daddio.

Throwback to when I got to meet The Sartiorialist.

Getting to see these glowing beaches on the Maldives with my own eyes is going straight on top of my bucket list.

Thank you, Pull & Bear, for this awesome Valentine sweater! (Even though I will be spending it all by myself, lol.)

I was invited to the opening of the Paul Smith exhibition and later found out that I was going to interview the designer himself. What do you ask a man who has won multiple awards, was a guest blogger for Vogue UK, was awarded a knighthood, has 200 shops worldwide and so much more? I was kinda nervous about it, so I tried to prepare myself as best as possible.

Paul Smith's schedule got a bit mixed up, so the interview was cancelled. However, we did get a tour through the exhibition by Paul Smith himself. He has that typical British charm and is extremely humble and down to earth.

Checking out Paul Smith's exhibition, which is called "Hello, my name is Paul Smith". I filmed the whole experience and decided to create a video with some of my favorite parts to give you an idea of what the exhibition is about, but without exposing too much. You will see the video in a next post soon.

A reliable source (sorry, that just sounds cool) told me that the MAC x Nasty Gal collection was about to launch online, so I spent all morning refreshing their website. All that clicking paid off though, because I managed to order all 3 colors and also got my hands on the lipstick from the Kinky Boots collection. Happy! Impatient as I am, I'm hoping the package will arrive tomorrow. 


  1. Lovely instagram wrap-up! :) Glad that you are feeling refreshed and ready to face the new year blog-wise! Hope the year has lots of great things in store for your blog! :)

    Away From The Blue

  2. Jammer dat het interview met Paul Smith niet is doorgegaan. Ik ben vrijdag naar een lezing met hem geweest en zoals jij al zei: echt een super boeiende persoon!

  3. The pictures are totally amazing!
    Have a nice day!
    Angela Donava

  4. Leuke foto's! Je trui is echt gaaf.

    Kiki // chicksaboutfashion.nl

  5. Alvast succes met de "nieuwe" start, ik zit een beetje in dezelfde situatie :)

    1. Aaah, dat is echt zo hard balen. :(
      Hopelijk kom je er ook zo snel mogelijk uit!

  6. Aaaah, wat is Nirrimi een schatje. Dikke proficiat!


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