Personal // Instagram May 2013

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May has ended, so I thought it would be nice to a recap of what I've been up to on Instagram. You can follow me here or by searching for my username @Krizia_S.

The picture above was taken when I was on my way to see Lana Del Rey live in Brussels. She was absolutely perfect and her voice is flawless. Her performance was worth every single penny.

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Lol, not really, but my cousin gave me this shirt and I thought it was kinda funny.

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Italy... It felt so damn good to be back.

 photo InstagramMei_zpscff837a5.jpg
Magazine shopping!

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What I was doing while my family was relaxing in the spa. So unfair. :D

 photo InstagramMei5_zpsb5d9fd5e.jpg Perfect dress by Eleven Paris. Loving the skull on the back.

 photo InstagramMei6_zps1bb3fb37.jpg
Customized All Stars I got in Italy. Love them!

 photo InstagramMei7_zps5fd823c8.jpg
This is what a sunset on the Maledives looks like. Too beautiful.

 photo InstagramMei9_zps40971cd4.jpg
 photo InstagramMei10_zps2643143f.jpg
My stunning cousin Chiara. I love her to death.

 photo InstagramMei11_zps216816a6.jpg
I made this picture with the app Split Pic. Totally addicted!

 photo InstagramMei12_zpsf60f6a64.jpg
This has to be the cutest photo bomb ever!

 photo InstagramMei13_zps665cee48.jpg
 photo InstagramMei14_zps6f795b2d.jpg
Oreo Cookie-milkshake! It's needless to say that it tastes damn good.

 photo InstagramMei15_zps0957120a.jpg
I went for messy hair yesterday and kinda loved it.


  1. Ik ben zoooo jaloers op uw allstars! :D

  2. Love your pictures! I know how you feel with the foot! I broke my toe exactly one year ago and it wasn't a normal "broken toe", but the bone actually splitted - ok I'm going to save the details - and I felt awful not being able to walk fast :( Haha nice pictures anyway! Great post!

    X Valérie

  3. Leuke foto's!! X

  4. really great pictures, I love instagram!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  5. Seems like you had an awesome month! The first picture of you is really beautiful!

    with love, Cassandra xx

  6. All the food looks so yummy and I love the skull-back dress. Great photos!

  7. Ziet er uit als een erg leuke maand!


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