Fashion News // Filles à Papa Launches Swimwear Collection

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Another post from Belgian territory:

Carol and Sarah, the designing sister duo behind Filles À Papa, are launching a S/S '13 swimwear collection called 'Welcome To Paradise'. The collection contains bikini's and bathing suits with the Paradise-print, but it looks like they mainly focusing on the TOMBOY-collection, which was a big hit among their fans and in Hollywood too. Singer Rita Ora and top model Jourdan Dunn were already spotted wearing a TOMBOY shirt.

Speaking of top models, Belgian top model Laura 'Yumi' Lambert is the face of the 'Welcome To Paradise'-campaign. Belgians are taking over! The campaign was shot by photographer Gregory Derkenne, who takes all of the Filles À Papa shots.

All items are 100 % made in Belgium and will be sold at Glorybox (Brussels), at Excelsior (Milan), at Browns (London) and at the Filles À Papa webshop (obviously).

What's your favorite item?
Mine's definitely the TOMBOY bikini and bathing suit, in both colors! Love!

x Krizia

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  1. Hmm I like how it looks on photos but it's not something that I would wear on a holiday :D

    Valérie ♥ scribblesofvalerie.com

  2. Die zwarte bikini met speciale rug is zoo mooi!
    Naomi, x

  3. mooi, maar te androgyn voor mij! I love female stuff ;)
    xo Charlotte - Aliceroxy

  4. great post!
    love the blog!

    Angela Donava


  5. Wauw wat een mooie foto's en stijl, ik ga snel een kijkje nemen!

  6. love this post! :))) kisses from spain...


  7. I saw Rita Ora wearing one of those, she looks really cool, I like her style! And I like the back of that bikini top form the 6th photo - frigging cool!!

  8. The photoshoot is nice but I wouldn't buy any of these swimsuits.
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  9. Leuke blog heb je ik volg je nu;). Xx

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