Shark Attack Loves... // Eleven Paris 'Mirage' S/S '13-Collection

With being most famous for their 'Life Is A Joke'-shirts - you know, where all the celebs are sporting an awesome moustache - most people seem to forget that Eleven Paris has awesome collections with outstanding pieces. I don't blame you, though. The LIAJ-shirts are too cool, I have the Kate Moss one, but it's a shame to think that this is what the brand's all about.

I received their lookbook of the S/S '13-collection and I love it. The collection is called 'Mirage' and here's what the people at Eleven Paris have to say about it:

"Mirage or memories, reality or hallucination, it is through the vision of a explorer that this spring-summer collection 2013 is articulated. We are left in a strange trip around the world and beyond. This journey, it's a explosion of references:
it passes through Africa where we bring with us weaved fabric and and bright colors. We make leaps in time, the futuristic style with clean lines and fluorescent colors joins the loaded style and baroque seventeenth. Hardly time to dock, we set sail to the Orient and the marine world for the final touch of exoticism."

The collection is divided into 3 themes - Apoteka (grunge & romantic allure), Dervish (oriental) and Elwa (ethnic and multicultural) - and it isn't that hard to find them in the photos. 

I've made a selection of my favorite pictures and outfits from the lookbook. The ethnic prints were a hit last season and it looks like they're here to stay. You all know about my childhood memories and love for espadrilles in my previous post, so I'm glad to see that they also make an appearance at Eleven Paris. If you scroll all the way to the bottom, you'll find Shark Attack's all time favorite pieces from this collection.

 photo ELEVENPARIS-COLLECTION-SS13-MIRAGE7_zps038dabaa.jpg
 photo ELEVENPARIS-COLLECTION-SS13-MIRAGE10_zpsc2edc1e0.jpg
 photo ELEVENPARIS-COLLECTION-SS13-MIRAGE24_zps285a78c7.jpg
 photo ELEVENPARIS-COLLECTION-SS13-MIRAGE30_zps61e71fad.jpg
 photo ELEVENPARIS-COLLECTION-SS13-MIRAGE44_zpsfb2eae84.jpg
 photo ELEVENPARIS-COLLECTION-SS13-MIRAGE49_zps75ff563c.jpg
 photo ELEVENPARIS-COLLECTION-SS13-MIRAGE62_zps5dbf99d5.jpg
 photo ELEVENPARIS-COLLECTION-SS13-MIRAGE64_zps42b60fd8.jpg


 photo ElevenParisCollage1_zpsbf0952eb.jpg
 photo ElevenParisCollage2_zps5a4b9a05.jpg


  1. Leuk! Dat zilver vestje wil ik gerust in mijn kast hebben hangen! :)

  2. I really like the espadrillas!



  3. omg!! everything u pulled out are amazing
    in love with everything

  4. Those jackets are amazing - you picked 3 great ones as your favourites! I really like the detail on them :)


  5. Mooie collectie!

  6. How cute is that batman tee, also loving the model, she's gorgeous. Esp loving all that braid action in the first few shots, so pretty! You should check out my denim on denim on neon kidult look, which sort of looks like Peter Pan gave me a makeover... tell me what you think of it even if it only provokes you a bit ;)

    xx The Provoker

  7. Oooh echt soooo pretty! Het Batlog shirt en de espadrillas zijn echt mijn hebbedingetjes!

    Liefs xxxx

  8. Zo leuke jasjes allemaal!! mooie collectie!

  9. This is the first time I heard of the blog and I already love it =D very nice post=d Love all the pieces you posted =D

    Following you now on GFC aand Bloglovin. Hop you follow me back. Thank you =D

  10. awesome collection ) perfect photos!

    Angela Donava

  11. Wat een geweldige collectie zeg! Ik vind Eleven Paris heel tof, vooral de snor shirtjes :-)

    xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug


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