River Island @ Antwerp

As you may have read in my previous posts,
I was invited to the opening of the first River Island-store in Belgium.
The event took place in Antwerp yesterday, and it was so much fun!

I took my friend Michel with me, and on our way to Antwerp, it started to rain cat and dogs.
Thank God I had an umbrella with me, but I was wearing suede sandals with high
heels - Not a good idea!
We teamed up with Immanuel from Style 4 Guys and looked for shelter at a local bakery.
Damage: 2 pieces of pie. I couldn't resist. ;)

Lucky for us, it stopped raining when it was time to go to the River Island-store.
When we arrived, we were given a voucher worth 100 euros to spend.
No need to say how happy we were. :D
I bought a pair of wedges, a T-shirt and a brooch. I'll write a post about them later.

My first impression of the store?
Very big! They have tons of different items, which made difficult for me to decide
where to look first.
We drank Cosmo's (we were feeling SO Sex And The City) and ate fish and chips.
The lovely Tiany from Belmodo was the DJ and she did a nice job!
I had the best time yesterday.
You really should visit the store - I'm sure everyone will find something they like!

I also saw Emma from My Fashion Blog again and got to meet Kim from It Girl
for the first time.

A huge 'Thank you' to the people of Oona and River Island for inviting me.
Great job / Well done / It was amazing ...

Tanktop: H&M // Pants: ZARA // Shoes: ZARA // Crystal Bra: EBAY // Bag: BALENCIAGA

P.P.S: Sorry for the picture overload, but I wanted to capture every moment of it!


*Big smile*

Strolling through the boy's department.

The girl's department.

Michel and I bought these shoes for my aunt. :D

The shirt I bought. I couldn't resist. :D

DJ Tiany!

Immanuel and I.

With Michel and Marie.

River Island by night. Thanks for a great evening!


  1. Riverisland is echt een leuke winkel!
    Fijn dat ie nu ook bij jou in de buurt zit!

  2. @ Laura: Hihi ja, daar ga ik ook nog veel geld uitgeven!

  3. Hoe ben je daar voor uitgenodigt? Ik ben vandaag geweest!

  4. Leuke foto's, heb je niet gezien en weet niet of ik je ook zou herkent hebben...

  5. Leuke post! en die schoenen die je gekocht hebt voor je tante zijn geweldig ♥

  6. @ Petra: Ik heb je ook niet gezien... Jammer! :(

    @ Caramelle: Dank je wel. De schoenen waren haar helaas te groot, maar ze kan ruilen. :D

  7. Had a great time, darling! See you next week! xo

  8. wow i love this post!! I would be you :)


  9. @ Sarah Bianchi: Aw, that's so sweet!

  10. Beetje laat maar: hee, jij was daar ook?! :-) En Petra ben ik ook al mislopen!

  11. @ Polienne: Oh, wat jammer! :( Petra heb ik toen ook niet gezien, grr!


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