Opening Massimo Dutti Flagship Store @ Brussels

Yesterday I was invited to the opening of the Massimo Dutti Flagship Store in Brussels.
I took my dad with me as an invite, since I don't know absolutely nothing in Brussels.
My dad was my personal bag holder / photographer of the evening. :D

After meeting up with Immanuel from Style 4 Guys, we went to the store,
which is located on the Louizalaan, 20.
When we entered the store, a polaroid picture of us was taken, so that we had our own little
'press badge'.

We were given a 50 euros gift card, which I used to buy a military jacket
that I'll show you in one of next posts.

A couple of keywords to describe the party:

Free shopping, sushi, champagne, music, goodie bags & a lot of press and bloggers.

I met a lot of fellow bloggers, which you'll see in the pictures.
Oh, and I almost forgot the gorgeous models who were strutting around in Massimo Dutti-outfits!


P.S.: I'm sorry -again- for the pictures overload. I'm bad at choosing the best pictures. :D

Dress: TOMMY HILFIGER // Jacket: ZARA // Heels: NEW LOOK // Bag: LONGCHAMP

A better look at the dress. I felt like a schoolgirl / Amish-girl.

The men's department.

The women's department.

Strike a pose! P.S.: That's my dad on the right. :D

The models were stunning. Don't they look like dolls in this picture?

Food & drinks! 

According to my dad, unexpected pictures are the best ones. :D

ImmanuelKim, Myself, Marie and Tiany.

Sofie & I.

Bjorn & I.

Amatorski was performing later on that night.

Goodie bag!


  1. Het zag er wel tof uit! Je zag er zo netjes uit ;-)
    En je pappa's blik is echt super!

  2. @ Couture: Ja, ik wist dat Massimo Dutti wel wat klassieker was, dus dacht ik: Let's go all the way with the outfit. :D

  3. Leuke foto's!!
    Ik ben echt aan het twijfelen of ik je nu heb gezien of niet... Hmm, vind dat echt zo moeilijk!!

  4. @ Petra: Goh, ik zou het echt niet weten. Het was zo druk daar!

  5. @ Glamour Bbey.: Don't worry, I did what you asked me to do. :D En jij bent naar het Hermèsfeestje geweest!

  6. @ Latanie: Dank je wel, hihi! Xxx

  7. you looked sooooo lady like!!! great look!
    i just bumped into your blog! it's sooo cute!
    can't wait for new post!
    xoxo from rome

  8. brilliant post thanks for sharing xxxx

  9. @ KcomeKarolina: Thanks so much! I'll try to post again tomorrow. I'm busy with school right now. :(

    @ Kirstyb: You're welcome!

  10. your red lipstick is so chic! =)


  11. @ Hope Adela: Thanks! I love red lipstick!


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