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First of all: Happy New Year! I'm having such a hard time to find the right balance between the blog, my full time job, my boyfriend, my social life and maintaining my household. How do you, other bloggers, do it? If you have some pointers, do share them in the comment box below. On another note: not too long ago, I turned 27 aka time to spoil myself...

Owning a house and moving in together definitely changes your budget and spending habits -- talk about an adjustment. Groceries have to be done, bills have to be paid: farewell buying-everything-you-want-life. However, I still am who I am and I still am a lady that loves herself some pretty things. So when I turned 27, I found it the perfect excuse for a gift from me to me; something that was on my wish list for quite some time now. I still get to treat myself at least once a year, right?

So, here she is, my newest addition to the Chanel family: the Chanel Wallet On A Chain (or WOC, for short) in black caviar leather and with silver hardware. I picked her up during a shopping spree in Düsseldorf. My parents and I spent about an hour and a half in the Chanel store, because I couldn't make up my mind. The saleswoman took out every single WOC they had in store and I was stuck between the WOC above and a red one in the soft lambskin leather and with golden hardware. 

I always said that, if I'd ever get a WOC, it would be in a bright and popping color. The red one was amazing, but I was a afraid that my dark clothing would leave marks on the lambskin leather -- I am a fan of black clothes, after all. There's no need to lie about it: I also own the Chanel Classic Flap Bag in lambskin leather and it's just more delicate and harder to maintain. The saleswoman was honest enough to admit that there would be a chance that my dark clothes would leave stains and that it's not covered by the warranty. 

So, after debating for over an hour, my black loving heart made the decision and I took this beauty home with me. I usually carry big bags with me, so the WOC took some getting used to. It narrowly fits my creditcards, ID card, iPhone, a lipstick, a tiny mirror and some cash -- just necessities, really. The caviar leather is more sustainable and hardly shows any marks of usage. It's the perfect bag for a day of shopping or for a date night. 

What do you think about her?

P.S. I'd also like to thank my mom, dad and the Chanel saleswoman for their patience on that particular day. 



  1. ooeh wauw echt prachtig ook een musthave lijkt mij

    Polished Cats

  2. ik ben normaal niet zo'n mega fan van Chanel handtassen - don't shoot me :D - Maar deze vind ik echt wel tof!!

    Love, Turn it inside out


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