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Since I started blogging way back in 2009, I've been featured quite some times online and on paper. Some might say it is something you get used to along the way, but I would strongly disagree. Every time I see my blog or myself pop up on a website or in a magazine / newspaper, I feel extremely honored, proud of myself and my accomplishments and can't stop giggling for an entire day.

Of course, none of this would be possible if it wasn't for you: my readers who keep this me and this blog going. So this article is a nice opportunity for me to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Thank you! 

Here are my latest features, with one holding an extra special place in my heart.
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Il Resto Del Carlino (Italian Newspaper) - 25 November 2014

This feature means even more to me, because it was published in an Italian newspaper that covers all the news from the region that my maternal grandparents are from. I try to go there and visit my mom's family at least once a year. I was interviewed about my connection to Ascoli Piceno (where still a part of my family lives) and my fashion blog. Reading this article gives me a bittersweet feeling: I'm very proud about this accomplishment, but I wish my grandparents were still here to experience it with me...

Joepie (Belgian Teenage Magazine) - 17 September 2014

Another feature on paper, in which I'm sharing my best blogging tip along with other Belgian bloggers. This article was published in Joepie, a magazine that I used to read all the time when I was a teenager. It's special to be featured in a magazine that you used to read yourself. 

Girlscene.nl (Dutch Website For Teenage Girls) - 29 November 2014

Together with a couple of other people, I was featured on Girlscene.nl because they wrote an article on people that were named after a fashion brand. Not everyone knows this, but Krizia is actually an Italian brand! You might have heard of it if you watch The Carrie Diaries: there's a scene where Carrie pretends to be her boss Larissa and she picks up some clothes at the Krizia-store in New York. In the picture above, I'm standing in front of the Krizia-store in Paris; the editors at Girlscene.nl used this picture to complete my part of the article. 

Enjoy your Tuesday!


  1. Leuk dat je in een Italiaanse krant staat. Moet toch een hele eer zijn voor jou.

  2. NICE

  3. Truly stunning appearance made me fall in love

  4. Wauw daar mag je echt trots op zijn! Wat super leuk! Btw ik heb je vraag in het laatste ootd artikel beantwoord over de camera + lens :)

  5. Zo leuk dat je in die krant staat! Proficiat! :)

  6. Waaw super leuk seg ! Dikke proficiat !
    Ik hoop dat ik ooit ook online of op papier gefeatured wordt :)


  7. Leuke feature in de krant en de joepie! Dat is inderdaad elke keer weer leuk als je jezelf ziet verschijnen!

    X Sara

  8. wow congrats on these awesome features :) it must be so exciting to see yourself in a newspaper :)

  9. Waw geweldige features, echt iets om terecht fier op te zijn! Proficiat!


  10. Grappig, ik wist niet dat uw naam daarvan afkomstig was :)

  11. Ha! Zo grappig om mijn hoofd tegen te komen op't onverwachtse ;-).


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