New // MacBook Pro 13" Retina

For those who don't follow me on Instagram ... Meet my new love: the MacBook Pro 13" Retina. Easy to work with, in possession of all the essential plug ins such as USB (I'm still old school when it comes to plug ins), thin, light as a feather (always fun when taking your laptop with you while traveling) and a minimalistic look. As a blogger, you always have to keep various things in mind when purchasing a new tech gadget.

I share my latest purchases with my readers on a regular basis, so why not this one as well? After all, this is an extremely big (if not the biggest) part that keeps the blog going. This is whom I spend hours a day with: writing blogpost, answering emails, editing pictures, managing social media ... 

My previous MacBook was purchased 5 years ago, when I just started college and about a month before I started the blog. It was a white, plastic MacBook with a rubber bottom and my companion for years. However, it started to give up on me: editing pictures, watching YouTube-clips and editing my own ... It literally took me all day to create a new post. I also celebrated my 25th birthday not too long ago, so I asked my family and friends for money as a gift (golddigger much?). I picked up my silver baby today and this is the first post that I'm writing from my new laptop. Pure heaven, let me tell you. No more panic attacks or the urge to throw my laptop out of the window. 

I'm one happy woman now! 

P.S.: This picture is taken with my iPhone, since my cousin borrowed my camera for a big art project she's working on. I'm not sure why I'm sharing this with you; I guess it's one of those "Just so you know" situations.



  1. Tof! Ik wil zelf ook graag een Macbook, alleen mijn portemonnee wil niet echt meewerken haha... Ik ben lichtelijk jaloers ;)
    Liefs xx

  2. Ik vind Macbook's altijd super mooi maar wat prijzig! Veel plezier er mee!

    x Karen

  3. Great buy! Ik ben ook nog erg blij met mijn macbook!


    Joy. | justlikesushi.com |

  4. Dit is echt geweldig!! Really love it!
    Zo jaloers! Heb er ook 1 nodig.
    Hoeveel was deze? Kusjes!
    Love, Lima x


    1. Hey babe,

      deze is met 256GB geheugen en is nu aan € 1529 te koop!


  5. Proficiat met je nieuwe aanwinst :-).

  6. Altijd heerlijk om een nieuw gadget te kopen, zeker als het zoiets groots is als een laptop <3

  7. Ik heb ook zo eentje, trust me, je gaat er blij me zijn! ;-)

  8. Congrats on the new computer! A great thing to use your birthday money for :)

    Away From The Blue

  9. Altijd leuk zo'n nieuwe aankoop!

  10. Heb hem ook, eindelijk! Have fun ermee :)
    xx Anka



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