Shark Attack Video // Introduction + New ASOS Clothes

Sooo, I'm excited and extremely nervous at the same time at the moment... I'm introducing you my first vlog / video / whatever you want to call it. Like I already said in the video (I definitely seem to love to repeat myself, lol): I'm still new with this, but I'm working on it! What I forgot to say in the video: I think that it would be nice to film on events, for example, because I sometimes find it hard to capture the right vibe or atmosphere going on at that event just by taking pictures. What do you think?

I've watched the video a billion times and here are some notes to myself:

* My left eye a.k.a. lazy eye is very noticeable on video, so I just wanted to let you know that: yes, I know my left eye is weird;
* I say "ASOS dot com" and "a voucher worth € 100" wayyy to much, sorry for that;
* Maybe (just maybe), I should have given the mint green blouse with the sequined collar some more attention;
* ...

Because I never take myself too seriously, I decided to leave some fails in video -- we all love fails.

Do let me know what you think about it!

P.S.: To subscribe to my YouTube-channel, click on the 'Information'-button at the top right of the video and click on the red button.


  1. Geweldig gedaan Krizia!

    x Karen

  2. Great idea! I love asos! nice video <3

  3. Filmpjes opnemen is inderdaad een werkje :D Als ex-filmstudent kan ik er wel van meespreken. Als je niet gezegd had dat je oog er "raar" uit ziet had ik zelfs niets gemerkt! Valt echt niet zo hard op, dus zeker geen schroom voor hebben ;-) goed gedaan, zeker voor de eerste keer!

    X Sara

  4. Goed gedaan!! Het is inderdaad echt super moeilijk te filmen, editen en uploaden.

  5. That was a great first video! You'll get more comfortable the more you do it, the first time is always a bit awkward. Just try practicing some in front of your mirror or when you're doing every-day things like putting on makeup, pretend you're filming and just talk through what you're doing. Soon it'll feel like you're just talking to a bunch of friends :)

    Morning Neon Blog
    "Let's move to Vegas."

  6. Amazing vlog (: you should make of that and it's so amazing that you are hosting the giveaway! x


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  8. I empathize with you on the lazy eye xx


  9. I miss doing videos. They can be time consuming but worth it in the end :)


  10. very nice video,love asos collections
    I posted a new outfit, I'd love to know your opinion
    would you like to pass from my blog?

  11. Great video dear!! I haven't noticed your lazy eye!


  12. great video ;)

  13. Chapeau! Je hebt het echt heel goed gedaan voor de eerste keer ;)
    Naomi, x


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  15. Ik vind dat je het super doet, ook je Engels klinkt erg goed. Ik zou het je niet na kunnen doen!



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