Beauty // Labello 'Classic Care', 'Med Protection' & 'Pearly Shine'

Freezing temperatures, an ice cold wind and even a snowflake every once in a while... Winter is definitely upon us here in Belgium. Every year again during winter, I have to adjust my skincare routine. My skin tends to get extremely dry and itchy, forcing me to go on the defense with body butters and oils. 

Another area to pay extra attention to during this season: the lips. Dry and busted lips are not only painful, but it's just not a pretty thing to look at. Especially if you're a (matte) lipstick love as I am. Really, I find it one of the worst - beauty related - things one can do: apply lipstick on dry lips. People tend to forget that the lips are very fragile and sensitive and need special care. 

What is the difference between your lips and the rest of your face exactly?

* The skin on the lips is very thin
* The lips don't contain any sebaceous glands, which usually prevent dehydration
* They also don't contain any melanin, a natural pigments that protects the lips agains UVA rays

I really can't emphasize the importance of a good lip balm (during winter and summer as well). I use lip balm (with SPF) every single day, before applying my lipstick. However, I have noticed that a lot of lip balms just leave a waxy base behind instead of nurturing the lips. 

One that always does the trick for me is Labello. When I was younger, I used to collect Labello lip balms, which came (and still come) in tons of fruity scents / flavors. My dad wouldn't allow me to wear make up until I was 16 years old ("Kids need to stay kids as long as possible"), so I would go for these ones instead. And 9 years later, I'm still using them. 

Labello sent me 3 of their top products during the holidays and I was super excited when it hit me that I could write a post about the importance of lip care now. 

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The Labello Classic Care comes in the iconic blue and white tube and is the original lip balm from the bunch. It contains ingredients such as Jojoba oil and shea butter and is perfect for every day use. The balm is transparent and colorless and is ideal to use before applying your lipstick, like I do every day. 

Price: € 2,89

Out of all three, I would say that the Labello Med Protection is the most effective one to use during winter time. Contrary to the Labello Classic Care, the Med Protection is advised to apply when needed. It contains Vitamin E, which soothes dry lips and prevents further dryness. Plus, it contains SPF 15 to protect the lips against harmful UVA and UVB rays. It's also transparent and colorless. This lip balm would be perfect to take with you during your ski trips, for example.

Price: € 3,99

For the ladies who love that little extra touch, there's the Labello Pearly Shine. As you can see in the picture above, the balm leaves a pink, pearly shine on the lips, thanks to the pearl and silk extracts. Soft, healthy lips and a cute, subtle color? Score! I always use this balm when I'm not in the mood or don't have the time for my lipstick routine. Call me dramatic, but I literally feel naked with bare lips. The Pearly Shine is a great solution.

Price: € 3,59


  1. The Pearly shine gebruik ik ook graag, dan heb je toch een beetje gloss op. Je moet zeker ook eens de babylips van Maybelline proberen, deze zijn ook erg goed!

    x Karen

  2. i love the classic one

  3. Love Labello, it's perfect to preservevmy lips, especially during winter.



  4. I need this pearly shine one *___* !

    ps check my new post:)

    kisses , sonia


  5. Labello is a classic for lips . love the pink one

  6. Oeh, die Pearly Shine lijkt me geweldig. Ik gebruik tegenwoordig Cicaplast Lèvres van La Roche Posay voor m'n lippen. Ook de moeite!

  7. love the pink one! but the best lipbalm in my opinion is carmex :)


  8. they sound like a great little product - especially in the harsh weather! :) I wear lip balm most of the time - when I'm not wearing my Luca's paw paw on my lips. It's nice to have a little extra SPF protection :)

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  9. I hate Labello... when I apply it on my lips they are beautiful but then they are drier :/

  10. Great shades! Love soft and delicade colours!
    I totally need a good lip balm, the brazilian weather is very dry and hot.

    Helô, from Vestido do dia

  11. Good lip balm for dry and hot weather. Maybe I have try these too <3
    Alex of Prom Outfitters

  12. Ben persoonlijk geen fan van Labello, zit stof in waardoor je lippen uiteindelijk droger gaan voelen en blijven verlangen naar die lippenbalsem.


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